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Lynne Minton workshop at to the Moscow Yoga Center

October 28, 29 & 30 (pdf)

You can also pay online via Paypal.
Register by Oct. 19th, $165.00 for the entire workshop.
After Oct. 19th $175.00 for the entire workshop.

$20.00 per hour for partial workshop.

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Self Acceptance: Yoga Sutras, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and meditation

9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Self Awarness: Yoga Sutras, Asana with balanace pose and core work theme.

2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Self Centering: Yoga Sutras, Asana with forward bend theme,
headstand & shoulder stand, meditation.

9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Self Confidence: Yoga Sutras, Asana with a backbend and twisting theme.

The theme of Lynne's workshop is based on the text below:

“To have negative traits is not to be flawed, but to be complete”  Deepak Chopra

 This quote reminds us that expressing our authenticity means to embrace all of our ambiguity as human beings.  How many times have we pledged to be kind, stay calm, or get up early and do our practice and then lashed out, stressed out or slept in the very next day?  Being authentic, not perfect, is a quality of self acceptance, of being comfortable in our own skin and often, needing to find the humor when we fall short of self imposed rules and regulations.  Authentic joy fills the space of our inner witness when we are neither attached to our perceived good qualities or repelled by the “bad” ones.   This is often followed by a big belly laugh in recognition of our wholeness.   In Light On Life, BKS Iyengar’s last book he says, “Humor helps people move away from fragmentation to wholeness, too.  It lightens the mind and makes it easier to guide and focus.”  We can then commit once again to living from the calling of our hearts and the guidance of our conscience.  

Moscow Yoga Center offers Hatha Yoga classes in the Iyengar tradition. The classes emphasize precise alignment in the posture, development of strength, stamina and flexibility and a safe and comfortable space to encourage deeper awareness and better health. The instructors at the Moscow Yoga Center study yearly with senior teachers to advance their training. Please join us for detailed instruction in Yoga.

Moscow Yoga Center: 28 years of experience and training (established in 1988)

IYENGAR certified

Safe, quality instruction

"Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the

mind and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life"



Last updated: 28-Sep-2016